3M Scouring Pads


3M-86 Heavy duty 36/case $44.04
3M-96 Med. duty 60/case $27.94


Flo-Pac Squeegees & Handles

bulletFiberglass handle
bullet15/16 tapered
bullet12 per case
bullet5 long
bulletBlack rubber blade
bulletHeavy duty metal frame
bulletGreat for liquid clean up
bulletPacked 6 per case
bullet24 replacement blade available


FLO-2024 24 Complete Squeegee $17.64
FLO-2024R 24 Replacement blade $7.38
FLO-2036 36 Complete Squeegee $24.50
FLO-39041-5 5 handle $11.79



bullet9 foam plastic block, molded with 2 handle holes; one angled, one upright
bulletLightweight 7/8 plastic coated metal handle with hanging hole
bulletHandle included


FLO-864 Complete broom $7.78
FLO-854 Head only $5.49

bulletConstructed with plated steel components to withstand rigorous use
bulletSponge head is genuine cellulose, 5 times more absorbent than foam rubber
bulletVinyl wringer rollers squeeze dirt and water out of the sponge head
bulletWringer is located half way up the steel mop handle for easy wringing with no bending


MIL-660220 12 Complete mop $18.12
MIL-661220 12 Refill, cellulose $5.85


Sponge Mop

bulletUltra absorbent sponge
bulletLightweight easily removable mop head
bulletReaches under cabinets
bulletPulls dirt from corners
bulletMade of plastic, no corrosion
bulletReplaceable handle


SIS-DOL-SM $4.18


Handle w/adapter

bullet60 metal handle with plastic coating
bullet1 Diameter
bulletAdapter for tapered ends available


SIS-41438 Handle $2.34
SIS-40577 Adapter $3.01

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